North American Diatom Symposium

NADS 2024 Meeting: Registration

Registration is available here!!!

Welcome to the 2024 NADS Symposium at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory near Milford, Iowa. Lodging, dining, and the meeting venue will be at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory. Lakeside lodging will be first come, other lodging venues are available in the nearby towns of Spirit Lake, Milford, and Arnolds Park, Iowa. Camping on the grounds is also available.

Conference Registration

Includes all conference activities including welcome mixer, meals (3 breakfast, 3 lunch, 2 dinner), and coffee breaks.

Registration                                        $ 325
Student registration                            $   75
Late registration                                  $ 350
Late student registration                     $ 125
Cancellation fee                                  $   50

Conference deadlines
Registration                                        15 August
Abstract submission                           15 August
Lakeside accommodation                   15 August      
Late registration                                  11 September
Cancellation                                        25 September


Housing at Lakeside is limited. If you would like to stay at a local hotel or other off-site venue, see list of options on the main conference website. Register for your first choice - we are monitoring the rooms as they fill. We will contact you asap if your choice becomes unavailable. If you are requesting a shared room, you need to give your preferred roommate, or you will be assigned to someone. All prices are based on the total for 4 nights (W, Th, F, S); there are no partial rates. Payment is due at the meeting, Oct. 2. 

The Double Dandy is a motel room with two beds, AC/heat/interior bathroom, including shower. Thirteen units are available. $ 260  ($130 per person). "That is a real dandy" is something Charlie Reimer might remark to a student asking about their diatom ID.

The Solo Dandy
is a motel room with one bed, AC/heat/interior bathroom, including shower. Eight units are available with a queen bed. $ 260  

The Gibson
is a shared cabin, with up to 3 others. Ten cabins are available, with various number of beds per cabin. Bath house is separate, no heat/no AC.  $ 60 per person. A Gibson is made with gin and dry vermouth and garnished with a pickled onion rather than an olive or lemon twist, something that Charlie Reimer might enjoy after a long time at the microscope.

The Go to Hell Form
is a dormitory-like cottage with five bedrooms and bunk beds. $ 80 per person. Bath house is separate, no heat/no AC.  A “go to hell form” is a phrase that Charlie Reimer might use to describe a diatom cell that is so small as to have passed its opportunity for sexual reproduction. These cells are typically abnormal in shape and ornamentation. Such forms may be common in diatom cultures.

The Campylodiscus
is a separate house with 4 bedrooms (total of 7 beds) with AC/heat/interior bathroom, including shower. Only one unit is available.  $ 80 per person.

The Stephanocyclus
is a separate house with 2 bedrooms (each with one bed) with AC/heat/interior bathroom, including shower. Two units are available.  $ 400 

The Stalked Form
is a camper hookup to sewer/water/electric. Only one stalked form is available. $ 50

The Campnodiscus
is an opportunity for you bring your own tent and make your own way in the world.  $ 10

Registration, abstract, housing, t-shirts are on this single form!